Within the main building at Heaps Equine Clinic there are several rooms that include a main examination and procedure area with stocks; here we carry out many of the lameness investigations and the diagnostics such as radiography, ultrasonography and endoscopy (including gastroscopy). It is commonly used for therapeutics too, such as dentistry, mesotherapy and PRP injections. have a JMB-accredited height measurement pad allowing horses to relax to their lowest height. Six stables are available for in-patients although clients frequently bring their horses on an out-patient or day basis.

Adjacent to these stables is our HorseWeigh weigh-bridge which we use to obtain accurate weights of our patients pre-surgery, for estimating drug or worming doses or for our Weight-Loss Clinics.

A wide range of standing surgeries such as tooth removals or routine teeth rasping, laser treatment for sarcoids and enucleations are also carried out here. Additionally some of the more complicated surgeries such as laparoscopic removal of ovaries or retained testicles are done in the stocks.

Adjacent to this examination room there is a small preparation and laboratory area where many of the drugs, in particular the emergency drugs are stored readily on-hand if required.

Heaps Equine Clinic knock-down/operating room also backs on to this area. In this room there is the thick rubber padded walls and floor where horses are anaesthetised before being placed on the overhead winch to allow placement on the operating table. The padded walls help to reduce the risks of injury for induction of and recovery from general anaesthesia. The risks can never be eliminated completely because of the huge weight of many of the horses we deal with, but extreme care is taken at all times.

There is a separate radiography room at Heaps Equine Clinic where our fixed high-powered x-ray unit can be used for backs and upper limbs.

The office and administration area has a separate entrance; the stairs lead up to the office whilst the ground floor houses the storage rooms and toilets.

There is a concrete trot-up area and a large 60m x 25m waxed sand riding and lunging arena. In addition, horses can be lunged on a hard, secure surface for the assessment of more subtle lameness cases.