We are now offering 'FREE VISIT ZONE DAYS' to all our areas. This is in response to demand from clients worried about spiralling costs and to improve efficiency and therefore our carbon footprint.

Payment at the time

Payment terms for new clients and those without credit history are STRICTLY PAYMENT AT THE TIME. We do encourage all clients to pay on the day for routine work. We offer a 5% discount when clients pay at the time for visits in normal working hours, this does not apply to out of hours, discounted products or any offers.

Out of Hours

We ask all clients to pay at the time for out-of-hours work using debit or credit card. Occasionally cash may be accepted. Please note the “Payment at the time discount” does not apply out of hours.

Free Visits

Payment for consultation and treatment at the time is required for to qualify for any free visit offers. If payment isn’t made at the time the full visit fee will be charged.


This is done at our discretion. When invoices are sent, payment terms are strictly 30 days. If payments are not made by 30 days, we reserve the right to add a late payment fee. Further fees will be added at regular intervals if payment is not made. If persistent non-payment occurs, the debt will be handed to a debt-collecting agency.


Obviously in the veterinary world there is no NHS to provide medical treatment so horse owners rely on their own finances or horse insurance.

We understand as horse owners ourselves that looking after your horse can be expensive. There are lots of costs such as livery bills, bedding, feed, farriery and, of course, veterinary bills. Many of the other costs can be budgeted for in advance whereas veterinary bills often come as an unwelcome surprise. Insuring your horse can help to reduce these problems but there are still risks of exclusions, cost of excess and variations in the extent of insurance cover. If you telephone the office and speak to our insurance specialist they will be able to provide some advice on claims.

To enable us as a veterinary practice to keep our fees to a reasonable level, we need to ensure that payments are made on time. Delays in payment cause problems with cash-flow and require administrative staff to spend time following up on the debt payments; also suppliers demand strict payment terms.

We invest heavily in new equipment to provide the best service possible for our clients.

Call Monitoring

All calls are recorded for quality and training purposes