We are now offering 'FREE VISIT ZONE DAYS' to all our areas. This is in response to demand from clients worried about spiralling costs and to improve efficiency and therefore our carbon footprint.

Arthroscopy and Tenoscopy – Endoscopy – are used to evaluate joints and tendon sheaths whilst the horse is under general anaesthetic. This type of surgery is very commonly done at Heaps Cottage for removal of OCD fragments and flushing infected joints. We have the latest “state-of-the-art” Storz arthroscopy unit and surgical equipment.

Upper Airway Endoscopy is carried out using either a flexible 1.7m or 1.3m endoscope. It can be used to diagnose upper and lower airway problems such as laryngeal hemiplegia, dorsally displaced soft palates, guttural pouch problems or infections. Samples can be taken to evaluate the cells in the respiratory tract for diagnosis.

Gastroscopy is visualisation of the oesophagus, stomach and proximal duodenum with a 3 metre endoscope. This is used for diagnosis of stomach ulcers in Equine Gastric Ulcer syndrome (EGUS) and reasons for delayed gastric emptying.

Urinary Tract Endoscopy. This is not commonly done but can be used for the diagnosis of bladder stones, filling/emptying problems and urethral damage.

Laparoscopy. This is examination of the abdominal cavity and is commonly used for the removal of ovarian tumours or retained testicles.