We are now offering 'FREE VISIT ZONE DAYS' to all our areas. This is in response to demand from clients worried about spiralling costs and to improve efficiency and therefore our carbon footprint.

Mac and Alex

I wanted to say how much your care and support has meant to me and Mac over the last three years.You were always there when it mattered most. Your care, expert advice and treatment gave me time with Mac and enabled him to have an amazing summer with his buddies in the field. Your support kept me positive when I had given up hope and as a result I was able to keep seeing that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. When I had to make what has been the hardest decision I have ver had to make you stood by my side and provided the reassurance that the decision wa right. Simon, you managed to make what was the worst day a little more bearable. I could clearly see how much you love those you treat and that Mac was not just another patient.

You have an amazing team from the vets to the staff in the office I never felt that I was just a client. I know that you all really cared and do all you could.


Alex Houldsworth



Becki, Timmy and Foxy

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the past couple of months; all the support you have given me throughout my time with Dez means a lot

Janet and Tango

Just a few lines to say thank you for your help on Monday with Tango. Although it was a very hard decision for me, you made me realize I was doing the right thing for Tango. I’ve had him for 25 years and he was 31 years old. We’ve had a great time, this was the last thing I could do for him.

I want to thank you and ALL your great staff from your receptionist to Simon and to Michael, I will always be grateful to you for the lovely service over all these years, keep up the good work.



I have had this practice for my horse for 13 years and always received a great service. The vets have always given good, honest advice and are happy to speak on phone if I have had a query. E.g. When he had a reaction to nettles. Fast response also when I made an out of hrs emergency call, they were with me both times within 30 min. Vets and reception staff always very pleasantLisa