New Late Opening Hours

We completely understand that many of us have to work to pay for our horses and taking time off for Vet visits can be difficult. With this in mind we are delighted to help out by providing a limited number of routine visits every weekday evening when there will be Vets available for visits between 5-6pm for the normal visit charge (without out-of-hours charges). Therefore from Monday 10th September 2018 we are extending our normal working hours until 6pm for routine work such as vaccinations, consultations and single dental treatments but will not include complicated cases or other prolonged examinations such as vetting or sedation-for-clipping etc. There will be a limited number of appointments and these calls have to be pre-booked at least the day before (preferably even earlier to avoid disappointment) otherwise we cannot guarantee their availability. It may not be possible to have your preferred Vet because of the popularity of these visits and the areas covered.