We are are now offering 'FREE VISIT ZONE DAYS' to all our areas. This is in response to demand from clients worried about spiralling costs and to improve efficiency and therefore our carbon footprint.

Exciting opportunity for experienced equine vet with exceptional salary opportunity.

Due to significant investment and resultant expansion we are looking to recruit an experienced equine vet. This development takes the Practice to 7 vets and allows scope for someone who...

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Zoo clones endangered horse from cells of 40-year-old stallion

Little Kurt looks like any other baby horse but 2-month-old Kurt differs from every other baby horse of his kind in one distinct way: He’s a clone. The rare, endangered...

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New Late Opening Hours

We completely understand that many of us have to work to pay for our horses and taking time off for Vet visits can be difficult. With this in mind we...

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Exciting’ new vaccine for equine strangles set for 2020

Scientists have made a breakthrough in creating an effective vaccine in the age-old battle against strangles, the most frequently diagnosed infectious disease of horses worldwide. Researchers from the AHT, Swedish...

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Colic surgery study

A recently published study funded by Morris Animal Foundation identifies that colic surgery results in overwhelmingly positive outcomes for both horses and owners. Colic, defined as abdominal pain, affects between 4...

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