Laburnum Poisoning

These gorgeous trees are seen commonly in the UK. Unfortunately they are yet another poisonous beauty!!  The toxin (Cytisine) is present in all parts of the tree/plant but is at its highest concentration in the “pea-pod” seeds. It is rather unpalatable to horses, thankfully, but can still be a problem for curious, inquisitive youngsters or when there is a paucity of grass.

Not surprisingly it affects the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) causing colic and diarrhoea but can also cause neurological signs such as depression, drowsiness, excessive salivation, fitting, collapse and coma.
Activated charcoal, liquid paraffin and fluids can be used to flush the toxin out but otherwise supportive treatment is necessary.
Prevention involves fencing off the area around Laburnum trees to avoid access to it.