Radiography (X-Rays)

We are delighted to let you know that we now have two digital (DR) radiography (X-Rays) systems in full operation in the practice.  One system has wires connecting the cassette to the computer and provides fantastic images in seconds.

We also have a completely wireless DR system and a battery powered radiography X-ray generator that allows us to take X-ray pictures even without mains electricity supply. In the same way as the other system, images appear on the computer screen within seconds but with the wireless system it is possible to take pictures in the middle of a field using our car battery supply. This is important with severe lameness where a fracture is suspected and moving the horse is undesirable.

In addition to the convenience mentioned previously, Digital Radiography (X-Rays) has some unique features that are especially valuable to us:

    • Instant Image Viewing
      • Rather than developing x-rays as we used to, the images now appear on the laptop screen within seconds of taking an x-ray.
      • A diagnosis is reached quicker, and we can show you exactly what we are seeing on the x-rays.
      • Non-diagnostic pictures can be instantly retaken.
      • Portability
        • The entire setup can be transported in our cars to wherever it is needed.
      • Digital Measurement Tools
        • There are a wealth of options for us to use, measuring angles, distances, thicknesses and more.
      • Storage of images
        • Follow-up x-rays can be accurately and instantly compared to previous pictures.
        • Images can be stored for many years without deterioration in quality.
      • Viewing.
        • X-rays can be viewed on large viewers in a darkened room to allow more subtle lesions to be identified.
        • The contrast and darkness/lightness of the image can be altered to highlight certain areas of interest. With conventional radiography systems repeat films would have to be taken at different exposures to see smaller or more subtle lesions.

One area in which digital radiography has proved especially useful is working with farriers, especially on horses and ponies with laminitis.  We can now meet your farrier with the x-ray machine, and instantly show them the changes going on within your horse’s foot.  This is invaluable in letting your farrier do the best job possible.   Furthermore, x-rays can be taken after trimming, so that any necessary further changes can be made, ensuring that your horse’s foot trimming and shoeing is perfect.